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Investigate. Inspire. Imagine

Horrible History provides an inspirational platform for all who wish to dive into the world of histories. 

Here submit your writings about specific topics of history and we will publish it for you! 


Our platform serves as a hub for students with a passion for history, offering them a space to share captivating insights into various historical periods, events, and notable figures. Our platform aims to foster a global community by welcoming submissions from students of all grade levels and from around the world. Our platform not only facilitates the sharing of individual perspectives but also inspires participants by suggesting thought-provoking topics for discussion. In essence, our platform acts as a collaborative platform that encourages a diverse range of historical exploration and knowledge-sharing among students who share a common interest in history.




Introducing Our Team

We are a group and we are passionate about everything history!

Adeline Wei

Adeline Wei

  • ​BIGZ Horrible History Club Founder

  • Interested in Modern History

  • Graphic Designer

2023 Social Justice Award Art Fall 3rd place

2022 The National High School Debate League of China Online Invitational Tournament 23rd Personal Ranking 

2022 Cogitare Debate Winter Online Competition 3rd place

2023 The 4TH TOC X SZISDC Tournament Judge

Debbie Jia

Debbie Jia

  • ​BIGZ Horrible History Club coFounder

  • Interested in Medieval European History

  • Physics Geek 

  • Genius Argument Maker

Southern China VEX Championship Design award

2023 14th Asia Pacific Robotics Championship China Selection Competition First prize

2023-2024 Asia Open Signature Event Champion

Jerry Cheung

Jerry Cheung

  • Military history nerd

  • Ancient Greek and Roman history buff

  • BIGZ Band Leader

  • Radiohead simp

WSDA Original Oratory Speech Competition National Champion

TOC Public Forum 2022 Winter Debate National Second Place

2023 USAD Global Speech and Debate Gold Award
EdTA Drama Competition awards 2022 Improv National Champion


Ashley Li

  • Illustrator

  • College student

  • Basis Alumni

  • Leader of Marshmallow Baking club in BASIS International School Guangzhou

  • Offer from: Brighton, Kingston, Hertfordshire, ARU, Westminster, UCD, UCSC etc.

  • Probably heading to UK

  • I love Basis

Frogh Kohyar

Frogh D. Kohyar

AP European History and Global Politics Teacher with an academic background and a keen interest in the dynamics of war and peace in the Middle East.

BASIS International School Guangzhou

Chelsie Bogovic

Chelsie Bogovic

AP World History teacher with a focused background in European history and politics 

BASIS International School Guangzhou


John Ely

  • Founder of Horrible History club

  • Focus on American History: Ancient & Civil War 

  • Expert Knowledge of Toilet Jokes 

  • Coach of Sports (Except Rugby) 

  • Former BASIS Teacher 

  • Husband and Father


Get Ready to Write, Think,
and Dive Into the World of Horrible Histories

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